Useful Links

There is such a lot of resource out in the internet now for home education.

Facebook is full of home ed groups, although some of them you will need inviting too.

Here are a few resources that you might find useful for the start of a home educating journey.

Education Otherwise -

Home Educating UK -

Home Education Advisory Service

Facebook - UK Home Education Group, Home Education UK, or there are countless regional groups.

Home Education

Educating your children at home is an option, they don't have to go to school.

We chose this path when the boys were very young. We'd watched them develop at their own rate, hit miles stones when they were ready, not when the books said they should. We both heard about home education at the same time and it seemed the natural route to take - ironic since we lived opposite a school at the time. With the ever changing system, SAT's, cost cutting and trying to fit all children into the same shoe, we were not comfortable that we wanted our children in the system.

Every home educating family has a different approach to their childrens education, we are child lead. This means we let the boys decide what and when they wish to learn, they don't hit their 'mile stones' but they are keen to learn when they do.

If your children are in school already you will have to de-register them before removing them from the system.


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