School is not compulsary!!!
Not everyone knows this, but for a lot of children school is just not right.
For us it was a decision we made when the boys were quite young.


Taking control of our own health and well-being is important to us. Listening to our bodies, supporting when needed and creating stong systems so that we can cope with anything life throws at us.

The Greener Hills Family

When our twin boys were nearly 3, we moved to our current location in semi-rural South Derbyshire.
Our dream was to be off grid and self sufficient, to reduce our carbon footprint and therefore our impact on the environment. We can't quite manage it here, but we're definitely giving it our best shot.
home educate the boys, so we are all learning together.
The first area we made huge changes to is to the products we use in our home. Having researched the amount of toxic, health damaging products which are present in our everyday items, it was one of the first things to go on the list. Our aim is to use as many natural products as possible, not just for our health but also for our environment.

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